Drake shows love for Beyonce.

Drake put up this new track on his soundcloud yesterday and i just had to repost it. Beyonce deserves so much love and it’s awesome to see other stars giving it to her. I don’t think this is the best effort from October’s Very Own, but i’m really feeling it and all the nods to Queen Bey. Enjoy.

Remixing Passion Pit? Great Idea.

So i used to be of the impression that there were certain artists that just wouldn’t make for good music to remix, but wow how i have been proven wrong of late. Anyway, I’ve never heard of Silent Rider but I’m really liking their name and their newish remix of Passion Pit’s newish single ‘carried away.’ He’s stripped away a lot of the sounds that make me think of passion pit while still keeping the general feel of the group. The main difference is that he takes away a lot of the upbeatness that passion pit loves so much to make it a more sad feeling song, which i think is appropriate for the lyrics. Also, added drums and other percussion are always appreciated by me, so i’m loving it. I hope you do too.

A little darkness for you.

This one has been out for a while now, but it’s really been growing on me. The group is named NO CEREMONY///, and they first caught my ears with a remix they did of Alt-J’s breezeblocks which i think is just beautifully dark. Anyway, i think NOC has got a great feel for making dark music and if that’s your thing then i hope you enjoy this one titled ‘FEELSOLOW.’ Also, i’ll throw in the breezeblocks remix as an extra. Peaces.